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Safety Tips

*Quick Tips* – Preventing False Alarms

Professional Installation Have a peace of mind, knowing your alarm system was installed by a SAFEGUARD Licensed

Installer. Using a DIY alarm can make your home vulnerable to break-ins due to faulty equipment and installation.

Perform Yearly System Maintenance & Report Faulty Equipment The best part about professional installations is

yearly system maintenance! Make sure your system is functioning properly with

regular maintenance and system diagnostics!

Know Your Codes When using your SAFEGUARD Home Alarm System, be sure to know your codes. We provide you with two codes.

Arming / Disarming Digit Code Example: 9876
Verbal Code Example: Safe

Keep in mind that both the verbal and arming/disarming codes are two separate codes.

The Verbal Code allows the central monitoring station to communicate with you while a break-in is occurring through the 2-Way Voice Panel. It protects you from intruders trying to disarm the system.

Updated Emergency Contact Info Inform your monitoring station and alarm company when you are in need of a

contact update. Only allow those that are trustworthy to be a contact in case of an emergency.

Most importantly, keep tabs on which contacts you give your pass codes to.

Use Pet Immune (PIR) Motion Sensors If you have pets, no worries. Use pet immune (PIR) motion sensors.

Passive Infrared Detectors are sensitive to both motion and heat.

It uses heat to distinguish between humans and pet movements.

Keep Doors & Windows Closed Slightly opened windows can set off alarms.

Stay Updated On News Weather Alerts Systems can be set off by strong storms, thunder, and powerful wind.

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